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I work on topics in analytic feminism and social metaphysics. My current research focuses on the nature of oppression, topics in the philosophy of sexuality, and methodologies in social metaphysics and feminist philosophy. 

Metaphysics & Philosophical Methodology

My work in this area focuses on the nature of sociality and the role of value in social & feminist metaphysics.


Searching for Social Properties (Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2023)

A paper about what it takes for a property to be a social property. Published version here. 

Social Properties (Forthcoming in The Routledge Handbook of Properties)

A survey of the existing literature on the social construction of properties. 

Normative Metaphysics [work in progress]

A paper about the methodological move from what should be the case to what is the case, considered in the context of ontological projects in feminist metaphysics. 

Feminism, Ontological Deflationism, and Normative Structure [work in progress]

A paper about the compatibility of ontological deflationism and structural realism in feminist metaphysics.

The Nature of Oppression

My work in this area focuses on material analyses of oppression.

System Caging [work in progress; R&R]

A paper about the material nature and harms of systemic marginalization.

Philosophy of Sexuality

My work in this area focuses on topics in sexual ethics.

Scenes as Games: Agency, Autonomy, and Value in BDSM [work in progress; R&R]

A paper about the metaphysics and ethics of BDSM scenes, analyzed as games.

Public Philosophy

Why We Shouldn't Compare Transracial to Transgender Identity [with Robin Dembroff] (Boston Review, Nov. 2020)

Unlike gender inequality, racial inequality primarily accumulates across generations. Transracial identification undermines collective reckoning with that injustice. Published version here.

Dee Payton

University of Virginia

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